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Buy Kemei Hair Trimmers Online in Pakistan

There are several things to keep in mind when buying hair clippers to make sure you invest in the right hair clipper. Today, there are hundreds of hair clippers on the market which can make it a bit difficult to make a choice. There are a few questions that you should answer before you pick a hair clipper for yourself such as how often you are going to cut hair? Is it for professional use in a barbershop or salon? 

The expensive hair trimmers are not necessarily the best quality and most appropriate for you. Some Kemei trimmers are designed for frequent, daily use. Some are good to create professional looking hair cuts. 

To help you find the best one for you, we have rounded up a list of the factors you should consider when buying a hair clipper, This will help you find the best hair clipper at best price in Pakistan.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Hair Trimmer


There are several brand one the market that make high quality hair trimmers for everyone’s need. Some of the leading manufacturers are Philips, Remington, Wahl, Oster, and Kemei. Some of these brands have been producing hair clippers for over 100 years.


Apart from these manufacturers, there are brands that make decent clippers as well but picking from the above mentioned brands is the safest choice. With these leading brands, you get the reassurance of a good quality, reliable company that specializes in making hair trimmers. Also, these brands offer warranty for the unit which puts you on the safer side.


Some other brands also make good trimmers that can last for years so just make sure you do your research and ensure they provide good customer service and reviews. However, avoid buying cheap, imitation clippers that have flooded the markets in Pakistan. These hair trimmers tend not to last very long and its impossible to get replacement parts for.


If you have owned a cheap pair of hair trimmers, you are probably well aware that doing so is a false economy. These clippers are far inferior to the major well known brands. They are made of cheap plastic, poor motor, and have blades that tugs instead of smoothly cutting hair. You will be lucky if it lasts you more than 12 months.


Every clipper comes in a different design, quality and performance. When picking a hair clipper, consider with what material has the hair clipper been made. Is it cheap plastic, or valox which is hard-wearing plastic resin. Also, make sure the blades are guaranteed to stay sharp and strong. Whether the blades have self-sharpeing feature or will they need to be sharpened manually. Check if the motor is powerful enough. And finally, see if the clippers come with good quality accessories such as guide combs.

Reading customer reviews about the product you intend to buy can be very helpful as well. has a great system of providing real customer feedback on every product it sells. When you are going to buy a Kemei trimmer, a quick check of the reviews will give you a lot of important pieces of information about the pros and cons of the Kemei trimmer.

Ease and Frequency of Use

Your previous experience with a hair trimmer defines your priorities a great deal. There are a lot of mid range priced, good quality models that will do an excellent job for personal use or for the family. 

You will surely find a suitable hair trimmer from the range presented by Kemei whether you need one for professional use to cut hair on a regular basis or you need one for personal use to trim your moustache and beard every week.


The size and power of the motor installed in the hair trimmers differentiate good ones from the poor quality ones. A decently powerful blade in a clipper ensures the hair is cut clearly, smoothly without pulling or tugging hairs. The quality of the blades and the motor that drives them determine the price of the hair trimmer. You should pay a special attention to these factors when making your purchase.


The cheap and poor quality motors will burn out quicker and they provide less power to the cutting blades. Rotary motors are generally more powerful the electromagnetic ones hence they are installed in cordless clippers. On the other hand, electromagnetic motors move the cutting blade much faster hence they are more suitable for corded units and less frequently used clippers.


The blades of the hair trimmer should be sharp and strong that is durable enough to last you for years without dropping in performance over time. Check what material the blades are made of and make sure the replacement blades can be easily found. Stainless steel blade is the best choice to buy. Most of the Kemei trimmers have blades made of stainless steel blades. Usually, the blades are easily breakable therefore make sure you have a spare one with you.


Good accessories for your clipper is a must as it makes cutting hair a lot easier. Today, most of the hair trimmers come as a complete haircutting kit that will help you get started. Some clippers such as Kemei trimmers come with different heads including nose trimmer, electric shaver head, etc. Whether you are looking for professional-grade hair clippers or an average hair trimmer, you should have the following accessories:

  • Machine oil or grease
  • Blade guard to protect the clipper blade when not in use
  • Comb attachments – guide combs
  • Cleaning brush