Grooming Kit

Buy Kemei Grooming Kit Online in Pakistan

There are hundreds of accessories that can help you look clean, confident, and freshly coiffed from the comfort of your home. However, finding the best body trimmers and beard trimmers online as well as from the local market can be a bit challenging. 


It is important to be clear in your mind about for what purpose you need a trimmer because, despite several similarities between hair clippers, it takes just one wrong shave to learn just how different they are. 


With thousands of razors, shavers, edgers, and clippers which are packed with key features, it becomes difficult to know where to start. I have talked to barbers, hair stylists, and experts to get some shopping tips that will surely help you find the best trimmer for your needs.

Different Types of Trimmers in Grooming Kit?

The term “Hair Trimmer” is a general term for trimmers that can be used on different parts of the body. But you will need different types of trimming blades to use on different parts and get different types of looks. 


Also, for one to be effective, you will have to consider different trimming blades for different hair textures. Below, I have explained the different types of trimmers that you can find in a grooming kit in Pakistan.


An electric razor will give you a close shave which is an important part of a facial grooming kit. It gives as good a shave as a manual razor. Electric shavers are to be used on daily basis. It becomes a part of your daily grooming routine. An electric razor is important of any grooming kit for men. 


Most of the Kemei grooming kits include electric razors. These razors feature self-sharpening which keeps the blades sharp for years and you keep on getting a perfect shave every time.


Hair clippers are designed to cut larger and longer hair quickly. They are installed with a wider blade to cover more area all at once. They are useful for trimming beard, mustache, and body hairs with ease. 


Clippers leave you with a light stubble like a 2-3 day shave. They still deliver a clean look but not as close as razors which prevent those razor bumps. This also means you don’t cut your hair too clean and you will need a new trim more frequently. 


Clippers often come with specialized accessories which help in getting that perfectly groomed look.


Shaver’s are designed to be used on hair resembling stubble and not long hair. It has a perforated foil covering the blades of the shaver. It cuts the short hair that enters through the holes on the foil giving you a clean, smooth shave.


Edgers are used to make those sharp lines to get a clean look. It is perfect to create a shape on a jawline or cheekbones or you can use it for cleaning the neckline on the back of a haircut. The blades of an edger tend to knick or snag in certain areas.

Nose Trimmer

As the name suggests, a nose trimmer is specially designed to remove nose hairs. It is designed to fit into a person’s nostril safely without damaging your skin. 


It works quickly without tugging at the hairs. It cuts any hair that is hanging out. A nose hair trimmer has a small circular blade that spins inside your nostril to remove follicles.


An epilator has a series of tweezer heads on a spinning wheel. The tweezer rolls it up and down your skin during which the tweezers grasp and yank out hair from the follicles. It can be a bit stingy. It gives almost the same results as waxing.