KM-5390 Full Care Grooming Kit


  • Kemei KM-5390
  • Full Care Grooming KIt
  • Floating Razor Technology
  • ABS + Stainless Steel Material
  • More Portability
  • Triple Razor System
  • Simple Mechanism
  • Rechargeable on Base or Separately
  • Easy to Clean and Replacement of Heads

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KM-5390 is a full grooming kit. The included 4 heads have various functions, but all run on floating razor technology that makes the blades’ movement as smooth as possible on your skin when performing their given function. The sharp, durable blades in this kit are made of high-quality stainless steel and fit comfortably into the ear or nose.

Need some hair removed from the outer edges of your ears and face? Turn it all into stubble with the shaver, which sports thin heads to make fitting into delicate areas easier. Want a bit more hair removed from around your sideburns? Use the groomer to end up with a pleasingly trimmed look after adjusting to meet your needs!

The entire body is made of high quality material and your fingers won’t feel the heat while holding it during its use. It’s recommended for sensitive skin because it has stainless steel blades, which do not leave marks on the face. This makes it beneficial for both men and women. The compact size and lightweight of the heads allow you to carry them anywhere with you.

The blade is not heavy on your skin, so you can use it to shave in sensitive areas like around your eyes. This grooming aid comes with an adaptor to charge the battery and can be charged on or off the handle, so there’s no need to take the blades off when you need a quick charge!

It has a triple-blade system for a quick function to remove unwanted hair from your face and other areas of the body. Suppose you have to attend a sudden event and you have no time to go to your salon, KM-5390 will make you manageable within a few minutes. All parts can be replaced with ease – including the blades, cleaning is hassle free too! This grooming kit boasts fast charging technology and takes only 2 hours for being fully charged. It can be used for continuously 120 minutes once fully charged.

What makes it unique is that you get a choice between two different speed setting options on your KM-5390s: moderate speed (25 pulses per minute) or fast speed (30 pulses per minute). This means whatever hair removal technique your groomer prefers, they’re more than covered when it comes to settings and speed/power. For instance, if they prefer going overboard and quickly taking off most of the hair in one run, there’s an option for that at high settings. However, if they have a sensitive skin type or are particularly against any pain for their facial hair removal needs, there’s only need to turn the dial down to choose moderate settings instead of extremely high superfast pulse frequency.

Content in Pack

  • 1 x Kemei KM-5390 Main Unit
  • 1 x Shaver
  • 1 x Nose Hair Cutter Head
  • 1 x Sideburns Head
  • 1 x Face Brush Head
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Oil Bottle
  • 1 x European Regulations Plug Adapter
  • 1 x English Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card


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