Buy Kemei Shavers Online In Pakistan

Whether it’s your first time buying an electric shaver or you are just upgrading from an older model, searching through the huge array of designs and models to find just the right one, can be challenging. 


But stay calm as we have brought to you an electric hair shaver guide so that you can be more informed when you go out to buy an electric hair clipper for yourself. 

You will be able to decide which features are most important to you which will allow you to narrow down your choices and find the best shaver that meets your needs. 


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These electric hair shavers are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. 

You will find a perfect hair clipper for yourself whether you are a professional or someone who wants to get a clean shave at home.

How to Find the Best Electric Hair Shaver in Pakistan?


There are several big names in the electric shaver market such as Braun, Panasonic, Philips, and Remington to name a few. 

Though they make some of the best quality hair shavers, they are also more expensive and above the reach of many people in Pakistan. 

But when it comes to treating something as valuable as your face, it is always a good idea to pick from a trusted and reputable brand. 


We are a product to stock the biggest selection of Kemei shavers online. Kemei offers some of the best quality electric shavers at the best price in Pakistan. 

Generally, men favour one brand over the other which is dependent on personal preference. 

Kemei shavers comes with several features that make a smooth shave easier and time-efficient.

Rotary Vs Foil

Electric shavers come in one of two types; rotary and foil hair shavers. 

Rotary Shavers

A rotary hair clipper has three to four round heads which move in a circular motion on the contours of your face. The cutting blades are just below the moving heads as they move over the face cutting beard and mustache.

Rotary hair shavers are more suitable for those who have slightly longer stubble which makes them ideal for those who don’t shave every day. Also, a rotary electric shaver is more effective for men who have tougher skin and medium to coarse beard density.

Foil Shavers

A foil shaver has a thin, curved metal foil that covers the cutting blade. The foil glides over the contours of your face when you move it back and forth. The blade cuts stubble when it goes through the tiny holes in the foil. Foil shavers are ideal for shaving the shorter beard. 

It is quick and gives you a close shave making it a good option for everyday use. It is also a good choice for men who have sensitive skin that is susceptible to razor burn as it is less harsh on the skin. 

If you have delicate and sensitive skin, use a good quality shaver preparation product and pay close attention to your technique to prevent irritation. Any Kemei shaver you will find on this site is high quality and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Wet or Dry Cutting

Another thing you have to consider while picking the electric shaver is whether you prefer dry shaving or wet shaving. Dry shaving is quicker and cleaner than wet shaving and many people prefer the convenience and speed of a dry electric shaver. 

There is some electric shavers that can be used both dry and wet, with a shaving gel or foam giving you the best of both worlds. 

Wet and Dry Shaving With Kemei Shaver

Some of them are super waterproof which you can take into the shower, though submerging an electric device in water is never a good idea and we don’t recommend it. 

Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions before using your electric shaver on wet hair as not all units are waterproof. 

All of the electric tools by Kemei are waterproof that can be used for both dry and wet shaving. Kemei shaver is available for both types of shaving so check out the collection to find one that meets your style.


How the shaver unit gets its power is an important thing to consider when buying an electric shaver. Some units are powered by direct electricity, while others are rechargeable or battery operated. 

Which ones you pick mainly depends on your lifestyle. If you travel a lot and are always on the move, rechargeable shavers are ideal for you as they provide the convenience and flexibility to shave anywhere. 

However, if the unit needs to be recharged too frequently,  it becomes a problem. Kemei shaver is available in the rechargeable battery as well as in corded to be powered by electricity; they are cost-effective and perfect for occasional use as well as for regular shaving. 

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