Buy Kemei Hair Straightener Online in Pakistan

If you wish to have straight and smooth hair look at home, you are going to a hair straightener for incredibly sleek hair. Whether you have naturally wavy, curly, thick, or thin hair, a flat iron can shape it the way you want in just a couple of minutes. But buying the right hair straightener isn’t simple as it calls for research because you are going to use it on something as delicate as your hair. To find a perfect hair straightener, the guide below will help you make a more informed decision so that can buy high-quality products at the best price in Pakistan. 


Before you go to the market looking for a hair straightener for yourself, it is important that you know different kinds of flat irons as it can make a difference in what kind of effect you want. In addition to straightening your hair, it can also curl and wave it depending on how and which tool you use.

Which Factors to Consider When Buying a Hair Straightener in Pakistan?

Plate Material

Flat irons come with three different types of plates; Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Titanium.


Ceramic is the most common material of plates in flat irons. Ceramic plates warm up more quickly than other materials; in as less as 10 seconds. It also ensures even heat distribution on the plate. This type of plate can be used on all hair types.


Tourmaline plates are more advanced technology. They give off negative ions and feature infrared heat which helps retain moisture and shine in hair. Tourmaline also provides protection against frizz and you can achieve a very good result even at a low temperature which makes it best for fine, thin and damaged hair.


Titanium plates are the most durable of the three materials. They are lighter and offer better temperature control. They can achieve the highest temperature. Titanium plates and flat iron combine the best of both worlds; ceramic and tourmaline. It is highly efficient as it can straighten hair with a signal pass. They heat up faster than ceramic plates. It has an ionic charge like tourmaline plates which makes your hair look smooth quickly without damaging hair. Titanium flat irons are best for thick and coarse hair.

Size of Plates

Narrow Plates

Narrow plates are more suitable for shorter hair and for creating waves. You can alsoo style bangs and spikes with these small hair irons. The biggest pro of iron plates with narrow plates is that they are great for traveling.

Classic Size

It is the most versatile size of flat iron plates as they can be used for all hair types and lengths. They usually come in a rounded design which is great for creating waves.


Wide plates can clasp a huge chunk of hair to style your hair quickly. It is a good choice for those who have thick or long hair.


Special Technology


Steam technology in your flat iron is more friendly to the hair fiber. It has a salutary effect on hair which makes it more suitable for brittle or fine hair. The downside of this type of hair straightener is its high price but the results you get are definitely worth the money.


Flat irons that have plates made of tourmaline or titanium give off negative ions which prevent frizz in your hair. They also close hair cuticles which makes your hair better hydrated and more protected from damage while adding extra shine to it.

Infrared Heat

The hair straightener with infrared heat feature releases negative ions to straighten the hair. These negative ions lock in moisture in your hair and prevent your hair from getting damaged or frizzy.

Shape of Straightener

Flat Plates

The flat-shaped straighteners are designed for the sole purpose of straightening your hair. You cannot use these straighteners for creating beautiful curls or waves.

Rounded Shape

These hair straighteners can also be used as curling iron to create kinks in your hair. They are more technical to use.

Crimped Hair Iron

It is a special hair iron that is popular to add volume to hair and make special trendy hairstyles.

Hot Brush

A hot brush is an innovative solution to ensure a sleek and smooth hairstyle. It combines brushing with hair straightening which reduces styling time.

How to Make Using Hair Straightener User Friendly?


Most hair straighteners are designed to ensure maximum safety. For example, temperature control for different styles, sufficiently long swivel cord, and ergonomic design are a few things that can make your tool user-friendly.

Protective Case

Heat protective case to cover hot plates to keep you safe. It also helps when you traveling and want your hair straightener with you.

Heat Up

Hair straighteners usually get ready to use in 30 seconds.

Sleep Mode

This feature in flat irons automatically switches off if they are moved for 30 minutes.