KM-5018 Hair Clipper


  • Kemei KM-5018
  • Hair Clipper
  • Brilliant Performance
  • Swift and Smooth Trimming
  • Dual Function of Hair Clipper
  • Easy to Use
  • Noise-Free Function
  • Your Personal Stylizer
  • 3 W Power Required
  • 8 Hours Charging Time
  • 45 Minutes Performance

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My favorite electric hair clipper on the market is the KM-5018. It’s electric clippers that has cordless operation, and it’s relatively lightweight and easy to use. It’s specifically designed for both men and women, no matter your experience level or skill set. If you want the best possible results, this is the ideal clipper for all hair types. Whether you’re a professional groomer or just a guy who wants to maintain his own hairdo in between trips to the barber shop, this clipper can give you awesome results every time and will never leave you disappointed.

Finding the best hair clipper for you can seem like a daunting task with all of the choices available but if you do your research, read hair clipper reviews and know exactly what you’re looking for, it can be significantly easier to choose the right one. Luckily there are plenty of different hair clippers and trimmers out there that will make your grooming process quicker and more convenient and one such product is the KM-5018 Hair Clippers.

If you have thick hair like I do, it’s not the easiest to find a trimmer that can trim your hair well. For that reason and several others, I became interested in the KM-5018 clipper when I was searching for ways to create a better haircutting experience for myself. My job requires me to be presentable at all times, so having a clipper with multiple speeds and an achievable goal are very important. As you might imagine, this clipper is my favourite because it cuts my hair well and even has adjustable speed settings which helps trim my hair in less than 20 minutes. Additionally, it can change into 18 different positions without causing any tugging or additional efforts on my behalf!

The KM-5018 is a rechargeable hair trimmer that offers extensive trimming lengths and attachments to fulfill any ones’ aesthetic needs. The floating head of the KM-5018 has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental trims, thus promoting total and complete satisfaction among customers. This hair clipper is intended for home use, thus encouraging individuals from all walks of life to experience its outstanding features.

Other features of this impeccable clipper include a blade made from high-quality stainless steel as well as an extremely quiet motor that runs with maximum efficiency, enabling optimum performance all the time. Moreover, the manufacturer has gone out of its way to provide customers with an extended 6 months maintenance guarantee along with insurmountable savings you can enjoy without paying more than what you should be paying for a high-quality hair clipper in the first place!

Content in Pack

  • 1 x KM-5018 Hair Clipper
  • 4 x Limit Combs
  • 1 x Charging Adapter
  • 1 x Oil Bottle
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Warranty Card


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