KM-9801 Hair Clipper


  • Kemei KM-9801
  • Hair Clipper
  • High Rotational Speed
  • 6 – 3 Millimeter Trimming
  • Simple Cleaning Process
  • Silver Pd Alloy Motor
  • Ultra-Thin Cutting Head
  • Easy to Use
  • Rechargeable
  • 6 Months Warranty

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Kemei has been offering nothing short of the best in hair clipper technology for at least a decade. Among the many products Kemei manufactures are high-performance, high-quality and durable hair clippers that work equally well on both wet or dry hair.. From professional barbering to thrifty DIY haircuts, there’s no better place to head than Kemei for all your hair-cutting needs.


The KM-9801 hair clipper has a lot of admirable features, such as high precision blades and an adjustable cutting length, and gives exceptional performance. It takes advantage of sharpness and works smoothly to give you an impeccable look. The product comes with good battery life and is easy to maintain, too. Not only does the KM-9801 do a great job at trimming short hairs that require utmost precision, but if changing your hairstyle on occasion has caught your interest, this would be the perfect investment for you since it utilises blades that can last several years! Plus if you decide to use it with wet hair, you will be glad to know this clipper is waterproof and oil-proof!


Kemei KM-9801 hair clipper comes in at only 1.5 inches thick, making it so slim you can carry it around in your toiletry kit or drawer. It’s the only tool that works for all occasions, giving you tons of styling options ranging from cutting and trimming to clipping your hair to give you a brand new look that everyone will admire. It is a durable, small and powerful clipper that can do light work of grooming.


With ultra-sharp blades and precision manufacturing, the KM-9801 Hair Clipper makes hair trimming easier than ever before. Additionally, this product comes with a 6 months warranty within the package for your convenience. One can use it to trim beards, heads, sideburns, and mustaches with precision due to its sharp and reliable blades that do not dull easily. The clipper is also washable after being used for trimming making it last even longer.

The KM 9801 Hair Clipper is a must-have item for any self-respecting man. The blades are ultra sharp, mounted to a well-crafted handle in an interlocking mechanism that allows for easy removal for cleaning or replacement if necessary.

Content in Pack

  • 1 x Kemei KM-9801 Hair Clipper
  • 4 x Limit Comb
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Maintenance Oil
  • 1 x European Regulations Plug Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card


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